Bass Coast Cycle Challenge Riders not dampened by woolly weather!

Bass Coast Cycle Challenge Riders not dampened by woolly weather!

The weather may have been wet and wild, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of  hundreds of riders in the 2019 Bass Coast Cycle Challenge held on 9th November.

Starting and finishing in Inverloch, riders took part in two of the event’s four key rides, after weather warnings saw the hallmark 121km downgraded to the 85km distance, and the 53km down the 40km.

“The safety of riders and volunteers was paramount, and it was critical to ensure everyone was off the course before the worst of the wind set in.” Said David Butler, a member of the BCCC committee which is responsible for organising this much loved community charity event.

Proceeds from the event fund in-school courses teaching life-saving road and driver knowledge. BCCC has enabled over 2000 secondary school students, from the South Gippsland and Bass Coast areas, to take part in the RYDA Road Safety Education, where they learn knowledge and skills which they will retain for life.

The Bass Coast Cycle Challenge is a true community event, and could not be possible without the support of many key people and groups, incredible volunteers, sponsors, local businesses.

The 2020 Bass Coast Cycle Challenge will be held in November 2020, with more details to be found soon at


Caption: In a sprint across the finish line, father and son duo Dean and 12 year old Patrick Geri were first across the line in the 40km ride.



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