If you have a query about the event, chances are you might find the answer here in the FAQ’s or our A to Z info guide below. 

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    Q: Where is the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge held?

    A: The start and finish line for all courses is Inverloch, Victoria, Australia. Inverloch is a coastal township located about 2hrs south east of Melbourne.

    Q: When is the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge held?

    A:  Bass Coast Challenge is held in November. Check website homepage for most current date. 

    Q: What distances are offered?

    A: A range of rider abilities are catered for with 121km, 85km, 53km and 40km rides offered. 

    Q: What are the entry fees?

    A: See ride page for this years fees.

    Q: Can I change ride distances once registered?

    A: There will be no changes to ride distances unless approved by Bass Coast Cycle Challenge. You must apply prior to the 3 days prior to the event to change ride distance. Email us at

    Q: Can I enter on the day?
    A: We recommend entries be completed online prior to the event. If field limit of 1000 has not been reached by the Friday prior to event day, last minute entries will be accepted at check-in/registration on Friday and Saturday morning. 


    RIDERS MANUAL: coming soon.

    ARRIVAL TIME Participants should aim to be at the start area well before start time as there will be hundreds of other cyclists all trying to check-in and get a spot at the start line. We recommend being ready to take your place in the start area 30 minutes before your start time.

    BAG COMPOUND There will not be a bag compound at this event. It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure they keep their personal belongings in a safe and secure place before, during and after completing the ride.

    ALL THE BEARINGS Wheels bearings, front and rear Pedals Bottom bracket
    SUSPENSION Performing correctly without rattles or leaks
    DRIVE TRAIN Cogs, Chain and Chain Rings Cranks and chain bolt rings should be tight
    GEARS Derailleur Cables and Shifters
    BRAKES Pads and Cables Hydraulic discs
    WHEELS Check for buckles; broken or loose spokes
    ACCESSORIES (lights, drink bottle cages, racks, pumps etc) These should be tight with correct fixings and new batteries. We recommend that you have your bike serviced by your local bike shop before riding in the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge.

    CONTINGENCY PLANS INCLEMENT WEATHER The principal strategy to deal with inclement weather (eg, extreme winds or lightening) is to delay the starting time of the event. If the weather is extreme and unlikely to abate to a safe level, it is probable the course will be altered. In the worst case, postponement of the event may be necessary. To avoid putting participants at risk, any decision to reschedule would be conveyed by email on the Thursday prior to the event to each participant, the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge website .

    COURSE DIRECTION From start to finish there will be yellow signs with black arrows and other signage marking the route. Signs will also indicate when you are approaching a refreshment station. There will be marshals (wearing fluorescent vests) on the route, riding motorcycles and in vehicles. Please listen to them and follow their instructions for your own safety!

    EMERGENCY & INCIDENT REPORTING IN AN EMERGENCY DIAL 000 and Inform the nearest marshal of emergency In the case of minor medical support required, contact the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge control centre on the number provided on event day. Detailed emergency medical plans for the event have been prepared which include an extensive communication network with radios and mobile phones. In the event of an emergency or incident, use the following checklist as a guide:
    • Ensure your safety first
    • Ensure the safety of any injured person
    • Contact appropriate emergency authorities, stating your name, location, phone number and service(s) required
    • Remain at the scene until emergency assistance arrives
    • Record all actions, times and details of all involved, including possible witnesses.
    • If necessary / possible, take photographs.

    FOR SAG WAGON/ MECHANICAL SUPPORT Event & Mobile Mechanical Support: Bass Coast Cycle Challenge control centre – Phone number at registration

    INSURANCE The Bass Coast cycle challenge is covered by public liability insurance only – there is no personal insurance associated with this, so it does not cover accidents caused by yourself, individuals or other riders. It is therefore strongly recommended that participants have personal accident insurance (CycleCover, Cycling Australia, Bicycle Australia, Triathlon Australia) or top personal medical cover/insurance. Participants requiring ambulance transport will be charged directly for this service. Bass Coast Cycle Challenge highly recommend that participants hold current ambulance cover.

    JERSEY EXCHANGE Please choose your jersey size carefully! There will be no Jersey exchanges, Jersey sizes are ordered as requested. Note: To ensure you receive a well fitted jersey please refer to the sizing table here. Once you determine your ideal fit you will be required to select your chosen size when entering via our online entry system. If you have any further question or need help email us!

    MINIMUM AGE To be eligible to participate in the 40km and longer rides, you must be at least 12 years of age at the date of the event to participate this event. Those under 16 years of age must be have a guardian complete waiver form at registration on the day to participate and be accompanied by a participating adult.

    MECHANICAL SUPPORT There will be mobile mechanical support provided on the course. This includes mobile mechanic vehicles. If you require assistance while on the course you can either use your own mobile phone to contact the control centre or advise a course marshal, police officer, traffic management or event staff member, who will then call for assistance.

    MEDICAL & SAFETY There will be mobile maintenance and medical support provided on the course. You MUST wear your event bib and wristband to receive support. If you require assistance while on the course you can either use your own mobile phone to contact the control centre for mechanical support/Sag wagon or the Medical Event Mobile for a medical response (event control centre mobile number will be noted on the event information sheet sent out with the ride kit and on your event contacts card). Otherwise you may advise a course marshal, police officer, traffic management or event staff member, who will then call for assistance. Medical staff have the ultimate and final authority to remove a participant from the ride if the participant is judged to be physically incapable of continuing the ride without risk of serious injury. To prevent this from happening Bass Coast Cycle Challenge recommend the following:

    • Drink plenty of fluid before and during the event
      • If you have not done much regular exercise, it is strongly recommended you have a medical check-up prior to the event
      • Undertake a proper training program to prepare for the event It is recommended that participants have ambulance cover – St Johns ambulances will be in attendance at the event, however if you require transport by ambulance you will be charged for this service. The Bass Coast cycle challenge highly recommends that all participants have personal accident insurance or a high level of health insurance. Safety PointsIt is important for the safety of all cyclists in the event that:
      • All bikes are checked and serviced before the ride
      • Cyclists only pass on the right side of other cyclists as well as call out the passing of fellow cyclists
      • Riders start in their allocated times
      • Riders are experienced in riding with a pack, especially over hills and around bends

    REFUNDS Under the terms and conditions of entry, there are no refunds or transfers. All participants will or have received the event jersey which they are eligible to keep regardless of whether they are able to ride on the day.

    RULES & REGULATIONS It is essential that all cyclists follow all road rules as well as the direction of police and traffic management during the ride. In addition, riders must NOT:
    • Disobey traffic lights or traffic signage
    • Ride more than two abreast on dual lane roads (If a vehicle needs to overtake on a single lane road cyclists are required to move into single file to permit the vehicle to pass safely on the left hand side of the road)
    • Ride without a helmet
    • Ride dangerously or negligently
    • Use MP3 Players, iPod’s, Walkmans or mobile phones while riding. Police will fine anyone not obeying the law. Any offending participants will also be forbidden from participating in the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge event in the future riders must
    • Riders must keep to the left hand side of the road at all times to allow faster cyclists and vehicles to pass
    • All riders must remain behind the lead vehicle and in front of the Sag vehicles
    • Adhere to speed limits and obey all traffic signals and signage and directions from Police, Traffic controllers, Event Staff and Marshals. Always ride in the same direction as traffic on the left-hand side of the road.
    • Keep to the left hand side of the road at all times to allow faster cyclists and vehicles to pass.
    • Listen to and obey directions of Vic Police and course marshals/volunteers.
    • Riders must use hand signals if turning left or right, or stopping.
    • Riders should always look behind before pulling out to pass another rider.
    • Entrants should only ride side-by-side where there is enough room left for vehicles and other cyclists to pass on the correct side of the road (i.e. dual lane roads)
    • It is the rider’s responsibility to follow the sign-posted route.
    • Do not ride in the gutter.
    • Always wear your helmet correctly when cycling The above rules will be enforced by event staff, marshals, traffic controllers and Police. Any cyclist found to be breaking the law will risk receiving a substantial fine from the Police.

    SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATES The Bass Coast Cycle Challenge is committed to discuss and provide customer service assistance in addition to event updates, imagery, video and more via our various online channels. Please follow on us on Facebook and Twitter.

    UNABLE TO COMPLETE RIDE There are no problems if you need to pull out of the event for any reason. If you do need to stop riding for any reason (tired, injured, sick or broken down bike) there are Event SAG Wagons following the last cyclists that will be able to pick you and your bike up and return you to the venue. Please contact the Event Director on the number supplied on event day.