Bass Coast Cycle Challenge 2020 event update

To all our amazing supporters,

For many months the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge committee has been in discussions regarding planning for the 2020 event, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know many past and new riders are hoping to experience this wonderful event in 2020. However, as Covid-19 continues to cause concern and uncertainty, the BCCC committee has taken the decision to cancel the 2020 Bass Coast Cycle Challenge. 

“It was a tough call and we hope you all understand that we’re committed to ensuring the health and safety of all of our incredible volunteers and ride participants,” said BCCC founder Gavin Slavin.

As a charity event, run by volunteers, this decision has been held off until the latest possible date, taking into account timelines for planning, permit applications and other essential requirements. Being a charity event it is also critical to avoid investing funds into planning when there is a high likelihood of the event not being able to go ahead if restrictions are still in place.

We will definitely be back in 2021. Pencil in Saturday 6 November 2021 and watch our website and social channels for more information. Facebook Twitter

Bass Coast Cycle Challenge Riders not dampened by woolly weather!

The weather may have been wet and wild, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of  hundreds of riders in the 2019 Bass Coast Cycle Challenge held on 9th November.

Starting and finishing in Inverloch, riders took part in two of the event’s four key rides, after weather warnings saw the hallmark 121km downgraded to the 85km distance, and the 53km down the 40km.

“The safety of riders and volunteers was paramount, and it was critical to ensure everyone was off the course before the worst of the wind set in.” Said David Butler, a member of the BCCC committee which is responsible for organising this much loved community charity event.

Proceeds from the event fund in-school courses teaching life-saving road and driver knowledge. BCCC has enabled over 2000 secondary school students, from the South Gippsland and Bass Coast areas, to take part in the RYDA Road Safety Education, where they learn knowledge and skills which they will retain for life.

The Bass Coast Cycle Challenge is a true community event, and could not be possible without the support of many key people and groups, incredible volunteers, sponsors, local businesses.

The 2020 Bass Coast Cycle Challenge will be held in November 2020, with more details to be found soon at


Caption: In a sprint across the finish line, father and son duo Dean and 12 year old Patrick Geri were first across the line in the 40km ride.



Surfing and cycling join forces!

Bass Coast Cycle Challenge is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Bass Coast’s leading surf school – Offshore Surf School.

The Offshore Surf School home base, on the corner of Ramsay Blvd and Scarborough Street Inverloch, will transform into the 2019 BCCC event check in on 8th and 9th November.

“We are so grateful for the support from Shane and the offshore surf school,” said Gavin Slavin, event director.

“Moving to this location, alongside the start/finish area, bike racks, sponsor displays and entertainment, will bring back that famous BCCC buzz.” He added.

Shane Hogan from Offshore Surf School explains why he threw his support behind the event.

“Offshore Surf school is stoked to be joining forces with Bass Coast Cycle Challenge … Sports like surfing and cycling are perfect ways for people to experience outdoor living and lead healthy and happy lifestyles …. and this event is also really important because it also plays a critical role in helping to reduce the road toll by giving local kids access to road safety education sessions.”

Shane also has a message for those who may not have yet taken the leap to enter.

“For anyone thinking about getting involved, but haven’t yet entered, it’s the same as surfing …  get on board, choose a course you can handle and have fun!”

The 2019 Bass Coast Cycle Challenge will be held on Saturday 9 November, starting and finishing in Inverloch. Enter here now or check out our website for more info on the four routes.

Also, check out Offshore Surf School’s site and book yourself in for a lesson soon:


TEAHUPOO, TAHITI - MAY 11:  (EDITORIAL USE ONLY)  In this handout image supplied by the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), Tahitian wildcard Hira Teriinatoofa scores a sensational upset when he eliminated ASP world number twelve Joel Parkinson (Gold Coast, Australia)  in round three of the Billabong Pro on May 11, 2006 in Teahupoo, Tahiti. Teriinatoofa, the crowd favorite, powered to round four where he will face Cory Lopez of USA. (Photo by Pierre Tostee/ASP via Getty Images)

TEAHUPOO, TAHITI – MAY 11: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY) In this handout image supplied by the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), Tahitian wildcard Hira Teriinatoofa scores a sensational upset when he eliminated ASP world number twelve Joel Parkinson (Gold Coast, Australia) in round three of the Billabong Pro on May 11, 2006 in Teahupoo, Tahiti. Teriinatoofa, the crowd favorite, powered to round four where he will face Cory Lopez of USA. (Photo by Pierre Tostee/ASP via Getty Images)


BCCC gets more women cycling

In the 2018 BCCC, 76% of our riders were male, while just 24% were female. This imbalance isn’t an issue limited to the BCCC alone, it’s one experienced across the cycling event industry on a broader scale. Despite this, our current rider entry data for 2019 shows we are  starting to turn the tables. According to the latest entry data, women currently represent 50% of entrants in the 40km and 53km rides for the 2019 BCCC.

These stats reaffirm that the BCCC is the perfect event to dip your toes into the water. Whether you are an experienced cyclist, or just getting on your bike, our four routes are attractive to riders of all abilities. At the more challenging end we have 121km and 85km routes, which both include Mt Misery. Then the 53km and 40km rides cater to either intermediate or recreational riders.

The relaxed, friendly nature of our community run event is also a critical factor in helping women riders build the confidence they need to get on the bike over these distances.

We spoke to a few of our 2019 female riders to find out why they ride and what about the BCCC makes them feel confident to get involved.


Lesley Beard ebike

70 year old Lesley Beard: 53km ride

“I’ve been bike riding for over 40 years. I ride because I love it. I don’t do it to race or win. It is a lovely way to see and smell the country. I have done most of the Great Vic rides and most Cycle Queensland and Bike SA rides. I usually do one ride overseas every year or so. I have also done 2 Murray to Moyne charity rides and the first round the bay in a day. This is my first BCCC, and I entered after being encouraged by a few riders who I try to ride locally with.

I am now retired with reduced lung function and ride an ebike if I’m doing a hilly ride. Although I still use my mountain bike on rail trails and flat rides, I’ll be riding my e-bike at the 2019 BCCC because my riding group are stringer riders and I want to keep up!

I would encourage anyone to keep riding or to take it up if they want to. There is a bike and a ride to suit most people.”




Dani Erbs: 53km (in her 40’s)

I started riding as a kid doing the paper round and chasing my cousins around the local streets in intensely serious bmx races! A lot of elbow and knee skin was left on the gravel corners of my home town. There was a gap of 20 years where I didn’t ride as life took different turns, until rediscovering my love for it about 5 years ago. 

Riding makes me feel free. It slows life down and allows me to get out there and enjoy all of the amazing things around me. It’s my happy space! I’ve recently joined a group called Wheel Women, who have helped me rediscover my love for riding through getting out there in an encouraging environment. With this, I have rediscovered my confidence to get back on my bike and to, again, make it a bit part of my life. 

I’m originally from Yarragon and would spend the summer with my family enjoying the beaches around Cape Patterson. I remember being about 10 years old and thinking that one day I’d like to pack gear on my bike and ride from Cape Patterson to Inverloch. Fast forward 30-odd years, I came across the BCCC event via social media and, apart from getting to ride along the most stunning coastline, suck in the fresh air that really is something else, ride the gentle rolling hills and be a part of the relaxed atmosphere, I have the chance to fulfil a childhood dream! 

The BCCC, with different events on the day, there’s something for everyone- a social roll, a bigger hillier challenge, it’s all there. An event like the BCCC allows you to take YOUR next challenge in a fully supported environment. With encouragement from other riders, volunteers and the occasional smiling kid with a sign on the side of the road, you’ll be amazed at what you can actually achieve. And you won’t forget that feeling when you cross the line at the end…………. J


Belinda Allen: 40km  (in her 40’s)

“I have been riding for 15 years. My husband, myself and friends did the Great Vic bike ride in 2004.  I love bike riding and I ride because its fitness and a wonderful slow way of enjoying nature and scenery. 

This is my second year of bike riding in the BCCC.  I am back because last year I enjoyed the challenge, scenery and spending time cycling with my family.  It is a lovely satisfying feeling when you have completed the challenge.  The terrific thing about the BCCC is that you can choose out of the routes you want to do depending on your fitness level and you can take your time and just enjoy the ride.  I would recommend it to anyone, such a great experience.”


DSC_9271Q & A with Kara Landells: 121km

Kara is a Strength & Conditioning & Triathlon coach who specialises in Strength and Mobility training for sport-specific and general populations. She owns Bass Coast Fitness.

How long have you been riding?

I started cycling about 8 years ago in 2010. I was in year 12 and met some of the local triathlon club members who took me under their wing and introduced me to the weekly group rides which I instantly enjoyed. As I got more fit on the bike I loved it more and more until it became my stronger discipline in triathlon racing (it used to be running).

Why do you ride?

I ride because I enjoy the feeling I get from it! I feel empowered to be my best self. Both during the ride and after completing the ride. A big sense of freedom, especially when you get to coast down the hills and soak up the scenery and oxygen – it’s amazing.

Why did you enter the BCCC?

I entered the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge because I love cycling out in the hills and think the route is incredible. I also love a challenge and events like the BCCC help me to really test my current riding capabilities and push past my current limitations just that little bit more. So in that sense it’s a great ride to train both your mindset and improve on current fitness. I find that with every event you participate in, it’s a chance to truly improve so many aspects of yourself as a person. It’s empowering!

What words of encouragement would you give to other women who have been thinking about doing a ride like the BCCC but haven’t yet taken the leap?

Your body can do so much more than what your mind thinks it can!

Just enter the event to enjoy the process of it – don’t overthink it, don’t put any pressure on yourself to perform and don’t hold any expectations of yourself. On the day you can then just choose as to how fast or slow you want to ride and do so as you please. Just enter to have fun and learn more about yourself – your strengths, your weaknesses, what felt good, what didn’t – rather than judging yourself or being critical, use these findings to empower yourself to keep improving on your last performance. I guarantee you that the finish line feeling is worth it!


Thank you to these riders for contributing their stories. Hope they inspire you to enter now!

Carman’s continues support of BCCC

Australian gourmet food company Carman’s is continuing to support the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge, to be held on Saturday 9 November in Inverloch.

The support will see all riders receive delicious muesli bars at all food stations along the four routes. Enter here.

“Carman’s is thrilled to be a supporter of the 2019 Bass Coast Cycle Challenge, this is the seventh year we have got behind the charity event,” said Carman’s spokesperson.

“Our delicious and nutritious muesli bars are a natural fit when it comes to fuelling healthy bodies.”

Event Director Gavin Slavin believes the such generous support is vital to the success of this charity event.

“With all proceeds from the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge going towards funding driver education programs in secondary schools across the Bass Coast and South Gippsland regions, the support of our sponsors is so important,” he said.

The Bass Coast Cycle Challenge is one of the most spectacular rides in Victoria with four separate cycling routes: 40km, 53km, 85km and 121km. 

Event ambassador is David McKenzie from SBS cycling central.  

Enter the rides or the fun runs now at:


Calling netball, footy and soccer players!

Sports clubs and teams get cycling to reduce the road toll

As the soccer, AFL and netball season draws to a close, don’t waste the fitness you’ve built up over the winter months. Why don’t you put it to the test in the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge, starting and finishing in Inverloch on 9th November.

In previous BCCC’s we have had many sports clubs who have entered – either as individuals or as a team. We welcome sports clubs and teams from near and far to participate as a group and offer the choice to wear the official event jersey or your club / team kit while you ride. The choice is yours!

Enter now.

60+ riders prize from Gippsland the Lifestyle Magazine

The BCCC routes are a popular choice for riders over 60 years of age and for the third year running, has generously donated a fantastic prize for one male and one female rider in this age category.

Gippsland The Lifestyle magazine is a regionally based, seasonally produced magazine which tells stories of local people, places, events, businesses and services. Publisher of the magazine, Doug Pell will be on hand at the post event presentation to present the $250 prize to one randomly selected male and female rider.

“Doug and Gippsland the Lifestyle magazine have supported the BCCC since its inception and we are extremely grateful for the generosity and coverage given to this event. In 2017 and 2018, this prize encouraged many over 60s to enter and we hope it will again this year.” Said event founder Gavin Slavin.


gippsland lifestyle bird

Charity focus brings some event changes

Raising money for road safety education is or ultimate goal, so in 2019 we’ve made some slight changes which reduce event running costs, and will therefore enable more kids to undergo vital road safety education and hopefully reduce the ever climbing road toll.

The main change for riders to be aware of is the ride will no longer be timed. We encourage those riders interested in timing themselves to connect to Strava (or an alternate ride timing app) where you can not only clock your ride time, but track it and also measure yourself against other riders.

We are conscious that not all riders use ride timing apps or have mobile phones, so we apologise to those riders, but hope you understand that by reducing event costs for this community run, charity ride, that we can utilise funds to put more kids through road safety education.