Your participation can help to reduce our road toll.

For ten years the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge has supported educating young road users through the RYDA Road Safety Education Program and other initiatives.

Thanks to all who have ridden, over 2,300 students from South Gippsland the Bass Coast regions have had access to intensive road safety education courses which work towards saving lives on our roads. 

“We support a diverse range of programs in every secondary school in the region, which provides the best opportunity to promote safer driving and hopefully reduce the road toll.” Said Gavin Slavin, event director.

Funds raised through this event support students from grades 10, 11 and 12 to take part in ‘Keys Please Vic Roads education program’ (year 10), the RYDA program (year 11) and Vic roads MukUpday program (year 12).

We also support the L2P program which moves the education from the class room environment to the open road. It not only supports first time drivers through their first 120 hours of driving with a qualified mentor or parent until they are ready to sit their P plate license, but also educates parents / carers to become driving education mentors.

“These programs are an important step for the Bass Coast and South Gippsland regions, which can now boast to have dedicated education programs which support not only our children over three years but also educates parents … all aimed at reducing the road toll.”

“With many of our students affected by road trauma, it was such an important day in the broader context of their ‘life education’. The range of road safety themes covered for young drivers was impressive and the workshops were informative. It provided an important message at a key time in a young person’s life. It quite possibly might save a life!”



Wonthaggi Secondary College, VIC


Young people continue to be over represented in road deaths and serious injuries. 

RYDA is the leading and only national road safety education program for youth in Australia, providing young people with the skills and strategies they need to stay safe on the roads. 

The RYDA workshop features highly engaging practical demonstrations, real-life narratives, videos, quizzes and interactive role play. The RYDA approach supports youth development in a number of areas including social resilience and anticipating and managing risk. 

Created for senior high schools, RYDA gives students a unique opportunity to set road safety goals and build strategies alongside the friends they will most likely be riding with, as drivers or passengers.

At the workshop, students attend six interactive sessions at a dedicated venue over the course of a school day. Back in the classroom, we give teachers everything they need to continue the learning throughout the school year. 


  • SPEED & STOPPING On a closed roadway, students work with driving instructors and experience the relationship between speed and stopping distance through practical observation. 
  • DRIVE S.O.S. Using role plays and engaging activities, students look at the road from the perspective of other road users, gaining an understanding of their challenges and learning how to “Drive So Others Survive”. 
  • THE ‘I’ IN DRIVE A reflective session designed to show how personality impacts risk on the road. Students self-assess against five areas, using this tool to analyse risky situations and practice speaking up. 
  • ROAD CHOICES A discussion on key risk areas for young drivers and passengers. Features high impact videos on decision-making and choices. 
  • CRASH INVESTIGATORS A unique opportunity for students to speak to a crash survivor about the event that changed their life. Students investigate crash factors, comparing them against the Safe System approach. 
  • MIND MATTERS Drawing from a true story, students look at the role of mood as a road risk factor. Working in teams, they develop strategies to recognise and change harmful mindstates and plan ahead to avoid risk. 

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